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• Industry Canada is allowing Bell Mobility to erect a radiocommunications tower at Drago’s Autobody Shop (3135 Lakeshore Road West)
• The proposed monopole will facilitate 3 of the highest frequency antennae for wireless transmissions
• This is a residential zoned area and Bell has ignored the FCM/CWTA Joint Protocol discouraging erection of antennae systems within 200m of residential areas 1
• Epidemiological research in Naila, Germany conducted over a 10 year period on a community living within 400m of an antenna system revealed various forms of cancer:
o Breast cancer
o One of ovarian cancer
o Lung cancer
o Hodgkin’s disease
o Kidney cancer
o Osteoid osteoma (bone tumour)
The study results were startling. 8 forms of cancers were detected within a participant group of 622 people living in the core area. Women and children were 3 times more susceptible.2
Safety Code 6 (Health Canada’s) research is outdated!
Let’s come together as a community & stop the erection of this tower!
We are also on Facebook – Concerned Residents of Bronte
Contact us at: stopthebelldragotower@gmail.com

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