Bell-Drago cell tower CANCELLED in Bronte!

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Great news and another success in Bronte! (Link to article)

So many people helped behind the scenes to make this happen and we want to thank everyone who wrote letters, spread the emails, signed the petitions, talked to others and did not turn a blind eye. This is what makes Bronte a great community — people who care and who are willing to take action! Thank you all.

While we thank our supporters, we remain committed to ensuring Bell and other Telecommunications companies adhere to the protocol between the CWTA and FCM to refrain from siting cell towers within 200m of sensitive land use or residential areas. As a community we should remain informed and vigilant to allow progress within the telecommunications industry but not to the detriment of community members’ health and safety.

We thank C4ST (Canadians for Safe Technology) for their support and resources throughout this process. We also thank BVRA (Bronte Village Residents Association) for helping disseminate information to the community. We thank all levels of Government for hearing our concerns and ideas and lending their support on this very important issue. Especial thanks to our local councillors led by Ralph Robinson to bring all parties to the table to work toward a solution.

Finally, we also would like to thank Mike Dimitrovski, property owner at Drago’s Auto Body, for listening to the concerns of the community and being open toward a progressive solution.


2 thoughts on “Bell-Drago cell tower CANCELLED in Bronte!

    stopthebelldragotower responded:
    January 17, 2014 at 9:48 am

    This is truly great news! Thanks to all the supporters and our local councillor. Our message is clear: progress but not at the expense of health and safety of communities. Telecommunications companies need to understand their social responsibility while in the pursuit of profit.


    stopthebelldragotower responded:
    January 17, 2014 at 9:50 am

    This is truly a great achievement for our community! The message is clear: progress but not at the expense of community health and safety!


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