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Look up! – “Stealth Tower” on 3rd Line

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Driving up 3rd line, just south of Dundas Street, you’ll notice a large flagpole. Encased within the pole are radio communication (cell) antennae. According to this site, it houses Rogers’ frequencies at 850 MHz, 1900MHz, 2100MHz and 2600MHz. This “flagpole” is near homes and directly on the property of the West Oak Village Long Term Care Centre at 2370 3rd Line.

Consider: Who is profiting from the placement of this tower on their property? Is it a responsible location? (it does not satisfy the Town of Oakville guidelines requiring a set back of 200 metres from residences) Why “hide” the structure within a flagpole? Is it strictly for aesthetic reasons, or because it may draw attention to health and safety concerns for those living nearby?

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“Look up!”

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Take a peek at the newest section of our blog: Look Up! We’ll be sharing photos of some of the cell tower structures in our community which we feel are irresponsibly placed (too close to homes, schools and sensitive areas) or which are covertly hidden within seemingly benevolent structures like clock towers and flag poles. We’ll be adding more in the days to come, so stay tuned!

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