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We have been working on updating our website, to reflect the latest and to make finding information a little easier for you. This will be ongoing!

Check out these new tabs:

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FAQs – Our  most Frequently Asked Questions have been updated with new questions and answers. If we haven’t answered your question yet, please contact us!

Government’s role – Outlines how all 3 levels of government play a role in this issue.

Your role – Yes, you have a very important part in this. We all lead busy lives, so take a moment to see what you can do and choose the level of involvement that suits you.

Our documents – We will try to post all our published documents here.

Timeline – We have links to the major events in the Bell-Drago proposal and more.

Look up! – We have photos of cell towers and antennae throughout the community. You might be surprised where these are located and sometimes “hidden” … Let us know if you have a photo to share.

Thanks for reading, and keep in touch.


Come see us this weekend!

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We’ll be joining the BVRA (Bronte Village Residents Association) at the Sobey’s Mall in Bronte between 11am and 1pm this Saturday April 12. Stop by and say hi, and learn the latest about what’s going on in our community.

Hope to see you there! Should be a lovely day in Bronte.


Our comments to Industry Canada re. new Tower Siting Procedures

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We have submitted our commentary to Spectrum Operations (Industry Canada) regarding the consultative process for cell tower regulations. We sincerely hope this is one step closer to much needed legislative change regarding cell towers in Canada. We advocate a connected community, but in a structured manner that promotes public health and safety.

We would like to thank many of you who participated in the process by signing our submission to Industry Canada and demonstrating community support of this initiative!

The key features of our feedback are:

1. Setback of 200m from residential and sensitive land use areas. This is currently part of the Town of Oakville Interim Protocol and FCM/CWTA Joint Protocol but needs to be enacted as a crucial step in this entire process as these protocols are not binding documents by law.

2. Site and zoning authority of the LUA (Land-use authority or municipality) as part of the pre-approval process. Thereafter, site plans and inspection and post-installation inspection.

3. Notification to LUA’s and communities for all proposed communications towers regardless of the height, including modifications.

4. Public access to this information – we appreciate that the Town of Oakville has updated this information and is committed to keeping the information updated where possible. Currently the public does not have access to Industry Canada’s list of existing and proposed communications towers.

5. An open and inclusive process regarding objections by either LUA or community. A “Letter of Comment” may be submitted to Spectrum Operations, but no feedback, investigations or formal review process is in place.

We have strived to give meaningful feedback while keeping it relevant, reasonable and in the best interests of the community.

If you have any comments or questions regarding our commentary, the current status of legislation regarding cell towers or information about cell towers in your area, please do not hesitate to email us, contact us on Facebooktwitter, the blog or just leave a comment below! We value your feedback.

Did you know Oakville is #4 in the top 10 places in Canada to raise children? And we have the same number of cell towers per 10,000 people as that of Toronto!

Keeping our community safely connected,
Concerned Residents of Oakville
“We stopped the Bell-Drago Tower”

Click here to read our letter to Industry Canada.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes to Canada’s Antenna Siting Policy

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Residents of Canadian municipalities have felt hopeless and frustrated in the past, being told by various government representatives that the control of the siting of telecommunication towers is out of the municipal domain. Until now, the message has been that Industry Canada has the final say in where a tower can be placed.

In an e-mail today from the President of the FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities), changes to Canada’s antenna siting policy were announced. This is an important development, and the e-mail can be viewed in its entirety here.

This potentially gives some more power to municipalities. As residents, we need to move forward from here and ensure our elected representatives work to update and strengthen the Town of Oakville’s interim protocol, and stay firm on the 200 metre setback which is also outlined in the FCM/CWTA joint protocol template.

Consider e-mailing or calling your local councillor today. What are their thoughts on the developments and what are they willing to do to in light of this news to ensure a more robust Town protocol? What are the implications for existing towers? What about antennae on buildings and hydro poles? There are still a lot of questions to ask and a lot of work to be done.

The industry is changing daily and we need to be willing to act to keep the focus on this issue to protect the residents of towns and cities like ours right across Canada.

Stay tuned as we do our best to keep you informed of the latest news. Share this page with those you know. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.