Look up!

We know cell towers are needed for the infrastructure that society has come to rely upon for communication today. As we’ve explained here, we are not against this technology, but are advocates for the responsible placement of these structures.

The Town of Oakville agrees that cell towers should not be placed within 200 metres of residences and sensitive land use areas, yet they do not have authority over the siting of these towers. If you look up, you’ll see these towers on buildings, near schools, parks and residences, and also, covertly hidden within structures like flag poles and clock towers throughout the community.

We’ll be sharing photos of some of the worst offenders for irresponsible placement. If you have photos you wish to share with us, contact us!

In the meantime, take a moment and “Look up!” — you might be surprised by what you see.

1. The Oaklands – 2021 Merchant’s Gate (non-profit housing)  

Just how many are up there? Directly above residents, across the road from the Glen Abbey Community Centre (Library and Park), Oakville Gymnastics Club, and Abbey Park High School.

(click photo to enlarge)


2. The “Cross” – Stealth (hidden) cell tower within a cross structure seen off the QEW near Clarkson.

(click photo to enlarge)


3. A flagpole? Are you sure? – West Oak Village Longterm Care Residence (3rd Line south of Dundas St.)

(click photo to enlarge)



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    […] Look up! […]


    […] Look up! […]


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