Government’s role

All 3 levels of government have some role in this.


A letter of non-concurrance was issued by the Town of Oakville Planning Department to Industry Canada. A copy can be found here: Industry Canada Aug 9 2013

Also, the following motion was made and passed unanimously at a Town Council meeting on August 12, 2013. View the minutes here.

You can read the Town of Oakville’s Interim Radiocommunications Protocol. While the final say on tower placement currently lies with the federal government’s Industry Canada, this protocol is worth reviewing to learn the perspective and desires from the municipal level. Of note, from the protocol:

  1. 3.4.2  The Town will not issue a Municipal Letter of Comment, in any circumstance, and recommends Industry Canada not approve of any radiocommunications facility, excluded or non-excluded, sited in any of the following locations:
    1. a)  On or within 200 metres of any sensitive land use, measured from the nearest point on the building nearest to the furthest point of the proposed radiocommunications facility’s supporting mechanism (i.e. outermost guy line, building edge, or tower face);

Sensitive Land Use is further defined as:

“… buildings, amenity areas, or outdoor spaces where routine or normal activities occurring at reasonably expected times would experience one or more adverse effects from contaminant discharges generated by a nearby major facility. Sensitive land uses may be a part of the natural or built environment. Examples may include, but are not limited to: residences, daycare centres, and educational and health facilities.”

Mayor Rob Burton’s office is at 1225 Trafalgar Road. Phone 905-842-4111. E-mail.

The above motion was presented by Ward 1 Councillor Ralph Robinson (Phone 905 – 827 – 7659. E-mail), seconded by Ward 1 Councillor and Regional Representative Alan Johnston (Phone Phone 905 – 825 – 9586. E-mail), and voted in favour unanimously by all present (Councillor Khan, Councillor Adams, Councillor Grant, Councillor Knoll, Councillor Elgar, Mayor Burton, Councillor Gittings, Councillor Bird, Councillor Damoff, Councillor Robinson, Councillor Johnston).

Take a moment to read C4ST’s suggestions when engaging local politicians in this issue.


Kevin Flynn, MPP, has a petition requesting the government of Canada place a moratorium against such towers being built close to residential homes,  while also asking that municipalities be granted the right for enhanced participation in the placement of these towers. A copy of the petition is available for signing at his office at 2318 Lakeshore Road West, Unit 2. Phone 905-827-5141. E-mail.


Terence Young, MP, has stated that cell towers remain the biggest issue in Oakville and that he will be tabling a Private Member’s Bill this fall (2013). Terence Young’s constituency office is at  165 Cross Avenue, Suite 104. Phone 905-338-2008. E-mail.

To read the response we received from Industry Minister James Moore, click here. Changes to Canada’s antenna siting policy were also announced. Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 was under review despite conflicts (see below)…

What now?

The review of Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 was recently completed, despite conflicts of interest being revealed through requests for access to public information by C4ST. Read more here ( and here (Oakville Beaver). This issue is ongoing and more needs to be done.

What more can you do?


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